Honor A Nurse Celebration 2020

The Foundation welcomes you to join us in honoring your “Favorite Nurse.”  This celebration recognizes and honors the exceptional care provided from members of the nursing profession. Your gift of $100 will honor the nurse of your choice. The nurse you select will receive special recognition letting them know you appreciate their caring and compassionate ways.

A History of the Mathewson-Bonser Nursing Scholarship Fund

Our community reaps the continued benefit of the availability of increased levels of nursing education which return to our community each year through the Mathewson-Bonser Nursing Scholarship fund.  Drs. John Mathewson and Quentin Bonser had a dream of helping nurses further their education and upgrade their skills.  Since 1990, 162 scholarships totaling over $276,900 have been awarded in fulfillment of that dream.  Please join us in honoring our devoted and caring nurses in celebration of excellence in nursing.