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Jamie Johnson, Executive Director of Marshall Foundation for Community Health; Andrea Howard, Board President, Marshall Foundation for Community Health; Christa Campbell, Board Vice President, Marshall Foundation for Community Health; Tom Cumpston, Board Trustee, Marshall Foundation for Community Health, and Suzie Davies, Executive Director, Motherlode Rehabilitation Services

In 1969, a group of parents with adult children who had developmental disabilities joined forces with a group of educators, rehabilitation professionals and concerned citizens, to form Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, also known as MORE. MORE’s mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to enhance their quality of life. 

Today, MORE’S team serves more than 200 clients, providing meals, activities and training, such as employment support, community access skills, independent living skills, and creative arts (including the one-of-a-kind Something MORE Artists’ Gallery).

In 2014, after a fruitless search for an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant building large enough to house their services in the Placerville area, MORE’s leadership began to take steps to fully renovate their current building, which was formerly a bowling alley. “It was a constant struggle to provide the optimum level of services, so we started planning a full transition of our facility that would not only benefit our deserving clients but will also be available to the community in several capacities,” said Susie Davies, Executive Director.

The building would be transformed to include ADA compliant hallways, doors, and bathrooms, and a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen to serve daily meals and the opportunity to provide food-service training for their current clients. The kitchen plans would also allow them to expand meal services to all vulnerable citizens of El Dorado County. “We also wanted our kitchen to be available for local emergency needs, like during fire season for example. Evacuees need to be able to have a safe place to go to get food.” Susie explained.

Finding and installing a walk-in refrigerator and freezer was critical to their plans, but first they had to find a funding source. That is when the  Marshall Foundation for Community Health stepped in. 

“It was unanimous,” said Jamie Johnson, Executive Director of Marshall Foundation for Community Health. “Our board of trustees were happy to approve the grant for MORE. The services they provide are unparalleled, and their kitchen expansion will benefit our area and its citizens for years to come.”

The renovation of the building was completed in late 2020, and in May, 2021, leadership from the foundation was given a tour of the facility. Andrea Howard, President of Marshall Foundation’s Board of Trustees was deeply impressed by the building and its potential, as well as its programs and its people. When she saw the walk-in refrigerator and freezer, she felt her heart expand. 

“This is why the Foundation exists, to be a catalyst for a healthier community. Our partnerships with other non-profits like MORE really make a difference in our area. This kitchen is going to provide so many opportunities for vocational training, as well as access to good, nutritious meals and their distribution. Marshall Foundation for Community Health is so proud to be a part of MORE’s future, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support them,” Andrea said.

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