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October Toy Drive for Pediatric Patients

Marshall’s Emergency Department is working toward becoming an Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP), which is a county certification confirming that we are not only ready to take care of pediatric patients, but also pediatric friendly.

In preparation for certification, Jackie Richardson, Quality Assessment Specialist, visited UC Davis’s Pediatric Emergency Department, and was inspired to hold a toy drive, as UCD does annually, to collect small, unused toys to give to our young patients. “Visiting an emergency room is scary for children. They are hurt or don’t feel good, there are strangers asking them questions, and hooking them up to noisy machines, it can be terrifying. But when you put a toy in their hands, it helps take their minds off of what is going on. The ER becomes a little less scary, and it’s easier to treat them,” Jackie explained. “So I contacted Marshall Foundation for Community Health, and they were happy to help me put our own toy drive together, which we will be holding throughout October.”

Collection bins for NEW, small toys will be placed in the Marshall Hospital South Wing Lobby, outpatient registration lobby, Marshall Pediatrics, Marshall Laboratories in Placerville and Cameron Park, and at Marshall Foundation for Community Health. Monetary donations can also be made to the Pediatric Fund on the foundation’s website,, which may be used to purchase larger items needed.