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For Your Health Winter 2021

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Nervous or Weary? Your Doctor Can Help
If you’ve been feeling down or nervous lately and if you’re wondering if you should pursue therapy, your primary care provider can help. “Mild depression and anxiety are very common and can be easily treated with low doses of medications that your primary care provider can prescribe,” explains David Santellan, NP, of Marshall Sierra Primary Medicine in Placerville. They can even help get you started on bipolar medications.

39 Years Ago, Marshall Hospital Changed Our Lives
The heart-warming story of a weeping mother and her physically and developmentally disabled child.

Where’s the Beef? What’s Really in Your Meat Substitute Burgers?
Meatless burger patties are suddenly everywhere. Natalie Patterson, a registered dietitian with Marshall Medical Center’s Diabetes and Nutrition Education Department, explains more about these mystery “meat” products.

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