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Recent Grants Provide Needed Funding

In addition to generous donations from individuals and community allies, Marshall and the Marshall Foundation for Community Health actively pursue and manage strategic grant funding from government and organizational partners. These grants provide millions of dollars in necessary funding for critical programs and initiatives throughout Marshall and our community. Recent grants have helped address housing and transportation needs for patients receiving cancer treatment, community-based substance misuse prevention and mental health promotion services, and the enhancement of Medical/Medicare services in El Dorado County.  For a complete listing of recent grants, please see below.

El Dorado County Behavioral Health Services – Opioid Settlement Funds – $322,887.77 for one (1) year; Award Date – October 6, 2023.
California Settlement of Opioid lawsuits. Locate more information on oversight of California’s Opioid Settlements here: Opioid Settlements Oversight webpage.

Department of Health and Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) – $375,000 for five (5) years – Awarded September 18, 2023.
The purpose of the program is to help reduce the onset and progression of substance misuse and its related problems by supporting the development and delivery of community-based substance misuse prevention and mental health promotion services.

American Cancer Society – Transportation Grant – $10,000 for one (1) year – Awarded February 28, 2023.
The purpose of the funding is to support the transportation needs of our cancer patients.

American Cancer Society – Housing Grant – $15,000 for one (1) year – Awarded February 28, 2023.
The purpose of the funding is to support the temporary housing needs of our patients in chemotherapy. The grants pay for patients that require housing close to the center to get treatment.

AKT Investments – Remote Patient Management – $175,416 for one (1) year – Awarded May 31, 2023.
The purpose of this gift is to support the “Remote Patient Management – Demonstrating Value Through Outcomes” a demonstration project in collaboration with UC Davis Health.

Sierra Health Foundation – COVID-19 Mitigation – $125,000 for one (1) year – Awarded October 11, 2023.
The purpose of the grant will allow Marshall CARES to expand services to provide education on COVID-19 testing.

Anthem Blue Cross – Homeless and Housing Incentive Program (HHIP) – 24,948.00 – one (1) year – Awarded October 9, 2023. The funds are to support the staff of the Medical Street Outreach Programs by working with community organizations to build partnerships and address housing and homelessness in El Dorado County.

California Department of Health Care Services – Funding Opportunities to support the Transition to Cal AIM – Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) – Capacity and Infrastructure Transition, Expansion and Development (CITED) PATH CITED – $1,691,141.57 – 18 months – Awarded March 27, 2023.
PATH CITED funds were awarded to maintain, build, and scale services, capacity and infrastructure necessary to ensure successful implementation of CalAIM.

State Opioid Response 3 (SOR3) – March 23, 2023 – $212,250 – 18 months.
Funds will support the Medication Assisted Treatment Program at the Divide Wellness Center.