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Golf Tournament Nets Over $95,000

The 39th Annual Bob West Drive for Marshall Golf Tournament was held on June 24 under a warm and sunny sky, at the Cold Springs Golf and Country Club. The event raised $95,000 to support the Marshall Foundation for Community Health’s efforts to elevate health and wellness in El Dorado County. Players and businesses participated in a live auction, prize drawings, and sponsorships to raise the funds.

Annie is ready to retire.

New this year was a special, secondary fundraising effort dubbed “Fund a Need”, where a particular request for Marshall Medical was featured at the awards dinner. “For over a decade, Marshall has used the same teaching mannequin, lovingly named Annie, for hands-on training such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), one of many vital skills that clinical healthcare workers must know,” explained Michelle-Norris Even, RN, Marshall’s Executive Director of Quality and Education.

Michelle identified the “Ares” mannequin, which features new technology. Ares is computer-driven, can be hooked up to equipment like heart monitors and defibrillators, and can simulate different illness and emergency scenarios. It can be changed to either male or female, exhibits different symptoms, and reacts to the medical care it is given. For example, if its program is running a cardiac-based event, and the wrong medication is given, its blood pressure will respond, or its heart-rate would change. It also simulates things like gastrointestinal sounds and symptoms, breathing rates and issues, pulses, and more. “At a price of $25,000, the Ares mannequin was out of budget. Thankfully, Marshall Foundation for Community Health chose to fundraise for this need at the golf tournament and the players came through. Ares is going to be a game-changer for our training program,” said Michelle.

Michelle and “Ares”.

First to offer financial support for the new training model was Youngdahl Consulting Group, Inc., and others quickly followed. Within 10 minutes, $26,100 was raised. “It really warmed my heart to see our local leaders and businesses step-up to financially support Marshall Hospital, and community health so willingly. That 10 minutes of the event was really amazing,” one participant said.

The Foundation would like to thank all our participants, sponsors, volunteers, and the golf committee. Please mark your calendars for June 23, 2023, when we will be celebrating the 40- year Anniversary of the Bob West Drive for Marshall.

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