Penny Lehrman, Trustee of the Year 2016

Penny Lehrman Honored As Trustee of the YearLehrman Penny 2017-04-07
Marshall Foundation for Community Health has chosen to recognize Penny Lehrman, BSRN, Community Care Network with the Trustee of the Year award for outstanding service to the health care community.

According to Karen Good, Executive Director of the Foundation, Penny has been a reliable, accountable member of the Marshall Foundation Board of Trustees since day one. “Whenever we needed help, she demonstrated a willingness to do whatever was needed, whether it was donating auction items for the Drive for Marshall Golf Tournament or something special for the Honor a Nurse celebration. She always went the extra mile and was a caring and passionate member of the board.”

Penny’s leadership has been exemplary. She led the Foundation as Vice President in 2012 & 2013 and served for two years as President in 2014 & 2015 along with sitting in an advisory role to our current president in 2016.

Penny served as chair of the Marketing and Donor Relations Committee; chaired the Executive Committee for two years; participated in the Honor A Nurse Committee; served as an important liaison between Marshall Foundation and the Medical Center and has served on all six of the Foundation’s standing committees.

Penny completed nine years of service on the board in December 2016, achieving Trustee Emeritus status.

“However, you look at it…Penny has done an INCREDIBLE job as a valued board member over the years and has surely attained recognition as one of our Foundation’s great leaders,” said Karen.

Penny received a certificate, an artisan bracelet and the opportunity to direct $2,000 in Foundation dollars to be given in our local health care community as a public example of what it really means to serve others.

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