Strength for the Journey… surviving sudden loss

One of the greatest needs after sudden loss is to be able to talk with others who understand. This is the only community program specializing in free services to help those who have lost a loved one suddenly through a traffic accident; medical emergency; suicide; military losses; or violent crime. Our clients seek help for themselves and their family in walking the journey of sudden loss. The event shatters their sense of order and thrusts a person into a world forever changed. Survivors may experience a greater sense of vulnerability and heightened anxiety. The safe world they once knew, no longer exists. The program offers hope and courage to cope with the journey ahead.

We provide weekly share groups that extend to other family members as well; interaction and support of Marshall’s Emergency and ICU departments sudden loss needs; and the “Remembrance Celebration” for the community during the difficult holiday celebrations in December. This successful program is now widely-known in the Sacramento and Davis areas as well as El Dorado County. Members of the group receive thoughtful and caring cards during difficult anniversaries and holidays in addition to weekly support.

Participants learn how to walk the journey of sudden loss as a direct result of attending coordinated share sessions; interaction through Marshall Hospital’s Emergency and ICU departments; and through continued support at the coordinated program at the “Remembrance Celebration.” They gain tremendous knowledge and strength through this support and learn to adjust to a “new” normal for their life.

Some individuals have gone from being totally withdrawn and unable to function after their sudden loss to being viable members of our society. Individuals gain strength by not having to walk this journey alone. Many of those who receive help from this program go on to help others in our community who are hurting.

The Marshall Foundation Board of Trustees have been pleased to coordinate this program. Stories are relayed back to them about remarkable and unusually-positive grief recovery that has been experienced by community members accessing this program. We have built relationships with major donors who have been touched by sudden loss, which has helped to sustain the program for more than twelve (12) years.

Because we want to respect the sensitivity of each person’s loss, we ask that anyone asking to attend these sessions first make contact with our facilitator, Jane Williamson, MFT, for a telephone interview. Please call 530-306-4699 and let her know you are interested in the Strength for the Journey program. If there is mutual agreement that the share sessions will be of help to you, she will speak with you about how to access our sessions.

The Strength for the Journey program is a FREE community service supported by community contributions through Marshall Foundation for Community Health. For volunteer opportunities please call 530-642-9984. If you would like to support this fund, please see below to make a secure donation:


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