Operation Foodie – for the love of food…


A New Kitchen/Dining Room Facility at Marshall Hospital

 Food is the medicine we provide for our patients to get better…

Operation Foodie, for the love of food – are you a foodie?

 The Current Challenge

  • Marshall’s current kitchen facility is antiquated and overdue for upgrades.
  • We are unable to keep pace with in-patient and staff needs.

The Vision and Expectation

  • Marshall is unable to move forward with adding private patient rooms until the Kitchen/Dining Room facilities are expanded.

There is a solution

  • Plans for a modern kitchen and dining room/patio are on the horizon to allow greater efficiency for today and tomorrow.

A Modern Gathering Place for Staff, Patients, and our Community

  • The plan also calls for the new space to be a modern social hub for hard working staff, volunteers and the community who are visiting patients or here for out-patient services.

Partnering for the Future: For Every Dollar Raised Marshall Medical Center will invest more than $5

The new kitchen/dining room is expected to cost $8 million to:

  • complete the 9,500-square-foot space;
  • purchase state-of-the-art kitchen equipment
  • expand the kitchen area to include serving areas for patient room service;
  • expand the dining room to include separate conference rooms; and
  • landscape the outdoor patio area.

Marshall Medical Center will shoulder the majority of the expense but, as a nonprofit community-based health care provider, we are asking our hospital family to partner with us by raising $1.5 million in charitable donations.