The BirthPlace at Marshall Hospital

“The BirthPlace at Marshall Medical Center is a great place to have a baby.” We regularly receive very positive feedback from our patients regarding the care they receive, and this quote from one of our recent patient satisfaction surveys says it best.  We are proud to report that Marshall Medical Center participates in a statewide patient satisfaction survey (PEP-C) and in 2003 The BirthPlace was considered “best practice” in the State!

Our philosophy in the BirthPlace is “high touch and low tech.” While our physicians and nurses have the specialized training required to face all types of situations and state-of-the-art equipment is present should it be medically necessary, minimal intervention is our general rule.

The BirthPlace is located on the second floor of the South Wing and will house four birthing rooms, 12 private postpartum rooms, and a nursery. Birthing rooms will each have a whirlpool tub for pain relief and relaxation during labor. The Postpartum rooms will make a family birthing experience possible. With sleeping facilities for new fathers, the whole family is allowed to get to know and learn about their baby. A nursery will provide more rooms for newborns who need special attention.

The BirthPlace at Marshall Hospital does more than deliver babies. We care for families during one of the most significant events in their lives.

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