Increased levels of nursing training return to our community each year through the Mathewson-Bonser Nursing Scholarship fund. Drs. John Mathewson and Quentin Bonser had a dream of helping nurses further their education and upgrade their skills. Since 1990, recipients of the award have been fulfilling that dream.

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2018 Mathewson-Bonser Scholarship Recipients:

Emily Cassel, Sierra DeGallery, Morgan Gwisdala, Bakytkul Mansurova, Janelle Mayhugh, Amber Melloway-Bettencourt, Ashlee Roman , Lauren Segon, Kristi Sundberg.



2017 Mathewson-Bonser Scholarship Recipients:

Leanne Amey, Mandy Gamble, Morgan Gwisdala, Janelle Mayhugh, Ashlee Roman, Sydney Seitz

2017 MB Mandy Gamble Janelle Mayhugh Andrea Howard-secretary Leanne Amey Ashlee Roman Morgan Gwisdala 2017 MB Seitz Sydney cropped

Group photo left to right: Mandy Gamble, Janelle Mayhugh, secretary of Marshall Foundation Andrea Howard, Leanne Amey, Ashlee Roman, and Morgan Gwisdala.

Individual photo: Sydney Seitz

2016 Mathewson-Bonser Scholarship Recipients:

Justin Dunham, Tamara Kinoshito, Janelle Mayhugh, Janelle Montgomery, Kristen Soto, Melissa Stokes, and Amanda Wilkinson,

Tamara Kinoshita Justine "Tina" Dunham Janelle Mayhugh Kristen Soto Melissa Stoker Roy Mayhugh (husband of Janelle Mayhugh), Janelle Montgomery, Amanda Wilkinson, and President Bob Gillett

2015 Mathewson-Bonser Scholarship Recipients:

MB 2015 Hinz Lynch Gutierrez Montgomery and Bob Gillett

Teri Hinz, Catherine Lynch, Katrina Gutierrez, Janelle Montgomery, and vice president of Marshall Foundation, Bob Gillett

MB 2015 Beck DebraMB 2015 Boyer Phil

Debra Beck                                                Phil Boyer

2014 Mathewson-Bonser Scholarship Recipients:

2014 MB Scholarship Recipients-Lehrman Gake Beck Milligan Crosthwaite Stoker

2014 Scholarship Recipients: Penny Lehrman, BSRN, president of Marshall Foundation with 2014 Scholarship Recipients: Karen Gake, CRN; Debra Beck, RN; Suzanne Milligan, PCA; Crystal Crosthwaite, CNA; and Melissa Stoker, LVN

2014 MB SchRec-Lehrman Hensley

Penny Lehrman, BSRN, president of Marshall Foundation with Stephanie Hensley, RN

Audrey Giatras, CNA                    Kristen Soto, ACA                   Jodie Reinke, Cardiac Tech

2014 MB SchRec-Giatras2014 MB SchRec-Soto2014 MB SchRec-Reinke