The 10th Annual Honor A Nurse Celebration sponsored by Union Bank recognized and honored the exceptional care provided from members of the nursing service and helped to support the Mathewson-Bonser Nursing Scholarships.  We celebrated 51 nurses/nursing groups at the annual reception this past month at Marshall Hospital.  Thanks to our fabulous volunteers and generous donors, the event raised over $23,000 – the best ever!

We could not raise these vital resources without the generous support of our sponsors:

Excellence in Nursing Sponsor

Roy and Pearl Carter

Nightingale Sponsors

The Marshall Cardiologists

Gordon Mott Roofing Company

The Marshall Hospitalists

Kathy Krejci, MBA, BSHS, RN

Clara Barton Sponsors

Loie Bonser

EPIC Brokers

Debi and Paul Harlow

Mona Mathewson

Placerville Radiology Medical Group

Daryl and Lori Warden

Good Samaritan Sponsors

Lena Avedissian, MD

Dr. Brad and Cindy Barnhill

Drs. Michele Cherry

and Ken Nelson

Dr. Stan and Sarah Henjum

Bryan Henry, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kaplan

John Lee, MD

Drs. Al Massey

and Helen Cheng

Michael Murphy, MD

Cindy Rice, RN

Dr. Reginald Rice, Sr.

Artyom Sedykh, MD

Thom and Kerstin Seivert

Douglas Stadler, DDS

Mark and Robin Stanley

Necati Uygur Tekin, MD

Craig Thayer, MD

Shannon Truesdell, COO

Brandon Tudor, Assistant COO

Scott Vasconcellos, MD

James Whipple, CEO

Scott Yoder, MD

Daming Zhu, MD

Pay It Forward Sponsor

Teri Hinz, RN

Honored Nurses 2017

In Memory Of

   Jon Ackerman, RN

Mistey Barney, RN

Alea Benavides, RN

Cardiac Rehab Nurses

Cardiac Services Nurses

Cardiology NP’s

Wynne Carnett, RN

Case Managers

Kim Dawson, RN

Eileen Dean, RN

Nancy Dean-Baxter, RN DSD

Angela DiPonti, RN

Emily Duby-Pierce

Emergency Room Nurses

Emergency Room

   Secretary Unit

Reysa Freeland, RN

Megan Gilmer, RN

Mary Ann Gulutz, RN

Sabreana Hernandez

Amanda Herzog, RN

Teri Hinz, RN

Debra Kauffman, FNP

In Memory Of

    Francine Klanjec

Kathy Krejci, MBA, BSHS, RN

Annie Krensle, RN

Penny Lehrman, BSRN

Adrienne Ludden, RN

North 1

North 2

OB Nurses

Katalin Olah, RN

OutPatient Nurses

Dominic Ozenne, RN

Peri Operative Nurses

In Memory Of

   Vivia Peterson, RN

Sarah Pinnell, MA

Melony A Purdum, RN

Radiology Nurses

Patty Sanford, RN

Kerstin Seivert, RN

Lisa Seivert, RN

Llana Shaver, LVN

Ann Shreeves, RN

Mary L Smith, RN

Sarah Styles, RN

Ceara Taylor, RN

Shannon Truesdell, RN, COO

James Waddington, RN

Katherine Walsh, RN

Angela Warden, RN

Julie Whitman, RN

All Nurse Sponsors

Barbara Ashworth

Tim and Laurie Cordero

Maureen Gill

Robert and Janet Gillett

IHO Bob Gillett

Andrea and Tom Howard

Mike and Deanna Jones

Mountain Democrat

Jake Parsons

Kay Railey

Lisa Slaven

Brian and Lori Veerkamp

Bev Webb

Greg and Kathy Witherow

Phillip and Iva Yoshimura

Nurse Sponsors

Janet Buchanan

Christa Campbell

Joanne Coen, MD

Katherine Courter, RN

Dr. and Mrs. Roy Cronnelly


Susan Dorsey

Laurie Eldridge, CFO

Suzanne Fielding

Clara Gemmet

Kathleen Gleason

Gleason Family

Ed and Karen Good

Kathy M. and Frank W.

John and Georgi Knight

Jon Lehrman, MD

Bonnie and Jack Line

Kathleen Maxwell

Janelle Montgomery, RN

Tanya and Tony Moran

Richard and Judy Morris

Lisbeth Powell, RNFA

Stephen Roberts

Mary A Robinson

Patty Sanford, RN

Timothy Thompson, Chaplain

Gwen Upshaw

James Waddington, RN

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