The Endowment for Health

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

It all started with a dream for the future when a group of philanthropic individuals had a vision, though they did not know what shape it might take or what kind of impact it would have.  At the time, perhaps they did not stop to question what the future of healthcare would look like or what kind of care issues residents within El Dorado County communities might have.  It is safe to say these forward-thinking community members recognized a need and began to build a way to accomplish their dreams.  As a result, today Marshall Foundation for Community Health is very successful in “funding programs that care for people.”

Just as community members are following our lead today, in the past others have followed the lead of groundbreaking philanthropists like Alfred Nobel.  In 1895, just a year before his death, Nobel signed his famous will that stipulated the major part of his estate would be converted into a fund and invested.  The investment income would be distributed to deserving individuals who bestowed the greatest benefit to mankind.  There were five categories, two of which were medicine and fraternity among nations.  Apparently, Nobel’s intention was to have the income from his legacy fund similar pursuits to his own work in science and industry.  Great things have been accomplished with the enduring gift that he left to the world.

Today, an important question is, “How does our community ensure that needed services and programs will be here for us now, and for our children and grandchildren many years in the future?”  In 1986, the Marshall Foundation Board of Trustees established the first Endowment fund for Marshall Medical Center, and today that fund has grown into The Endowment for Health.

The Endowment fund is designed to respond consistently and solidly to the healthcare challenges facing all of us.  On going programs can meet unforeseen needs, and new services can be initiated and sustained.  Operations can be financially supported, providing a gateway to seeking expanded services for those who might fall through the cracks of our traditional healthcare system.  We must do more!  There has never been a better time to invest in The Endowment for Health.

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