Each year Marshall Foundation identifies strategic funding priorities based on current health priorities. The objective of the Community Health Grants Program is to award grants to nonprofit organizations with health-related projects specific to the current year area of focus.

Foundation grants are to be used to improve the quality of health in the community it serves.


  • Funding up to $20,000.
  • Strict adherence to grant guidelines is expected.
  • Proposals must identify the type of health change expected, and how progress is measured.


  • Applicant must be a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization or have a fiscal agent that is a 501 (c) (3) organization and capable of administering the project’s funds.
  • Project or program must respond to the health priorities identified by Marshall Foundation as the greatest health needs determined by the current community health assessment.
  • Project/program must serve the population the Western Slope of El Dorado County, California.


  • All awards are final as determined by review of the Annual Funding Committee of Marshall Foundation based on prior financial recommendation from the Finance and Investments Committee.
  • The Marshall Foundation’s name and logo (as appropriate) should be included in all advertisement of the grant received or in the project/ services information conveyed to the community.

*Marshall Foundation for Community Health operates a varied portfolio of funding resources available for healthcare needs. Please know that there may be other resources designated for funding opportunities apart from the current year’s area of focus. Staff is available to discuss these options with your organization if needed.

2018 Grant Information and Application Available Here

Grant Application Form (General)

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