Max on the Campaign Flyer

Support Marshall Foundation’s Canine Therapy Program

Dogs provide more than unconditional love and companionship—they also offer proven medical benefits. Pets can improve your mood and lessen your stress.  For someone battling an illness, affection from a friendly four-legged friend can make the difference between a good and a bad day.  Patients at Marshall Cancer Center have the benefit of visits with a lovable Labradoodle named Max. A furry bundle of therapy, Max brings smiles and a calm reassurance.

The proven benefits of canine therapy include:

• Lowers blood pressure

• Lowers heart rate

• Patients look forward to and feel more comfortable during therapy sessions

In 2014 Wells Fargo Bank provided the initial funding for the Max Fund, established in El Dorado County to support pet therapy. Give 2 the Max is a campaign to replenish the Max Fund, raise awareness of pet therapy and expand its presence in El Dorado County.

Campaign Info Quote and Photo on Flyer

The Max Fund is a recipient of a grant made by the Tindel-Fink Endowment Fund at the El Dorado Community Foundation.