The Bridging the Gap fund, designed to assist those in crisis, is in high demand for assisting Marshall Medical Center patients, employees and their families. This year’s requests included assistance for prescriptions, housing, food vouchers, transportation and the like.

One patient bitten by a wild animal could not afford the expensive prescription needed.  Hospitalized with a severe infection and needing to continue the treatment upon release, she was referred to the Bridging the Gap fund.  So grateful for the assistance, she states she will repay the $153 to do her part, and hopes others will do the same.

Employees fearful of having their electricity turned off, not enough food for their children or no way to get to work have all been assisted through this program.  The reality of living from paycheck to paycheck can throw even the most conscientious person into crisis when unexpected expenses arise. “When all resources have been exhausted, they turn to us for help,” explained Karen Good, the foundation’s former director.

One patient, a disabled adult, without a functioning water heater found it almost impossible to bathe, wash dishes or clothes.  On a very limited income, the purchase was prohibitive.  Providing for his need allows him the sanitary conditions that most Americans have come to expect.

Another member of our Hospital family in crisis will receive assistance from the fund to buy day-to-day necessities that could not be afforded during the present dilemma.

Whatever the need, whatever the hour…Marshall cares about its community and about its family.  Please help to continue this resource that assists so many who have no where to turn!


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