Trustee of The Year

In the spirit of making a difference in our community through volunteerism Marshall Foundation for Community Health recognizes each year the extraordinary passion and excellence each of our board members demonstrate.

We feature one trustee each year with recognition meant to assist the public in awareness of what our trustees do for health care.

The Award allows the Trustee of the Year to designate $2,000 to a health care organization of their choice in the community. These funds demonstrate the compassion of our board members in caring for the citizens of our community by directly benefiting their health care needs.

In his new book, “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions,” John C. Maxwell identifies GREAT leaders by determining character in the following three distinct areas:

  • Passion: Are they excited? Are they positive about the team? Does the vision energize them? Is the work they do fulfilling to them?
  • Teachability: Are they growing now? Are they open to new ideas? Are they humble and willing to learn?
  • Capacity: What is their potential? Is there plenty of room for growth? Do they possess talent in the area in which you want to develop them? How far could they go if you were to help them?

Maxwell goes on to say, “Great leaders don’t want to just hang out. They want to get things done. They want to achieve something.”

And this year’s recipient personifies all of the above and much more. It is with great pleasure that we award the Trustee of the Year to:


2016 Trustee of the Year

Lehrman Penny 2017-04-07



Previous Trustee of the Year Recipients